Satellite Art Show Miami 2022

The Baggage We Carry, installation

Donda Fresh Direct Emotional Baggage Cart (2021), Mansplaining: Baggage Cart (2022) by Theda Sandiford

We all carry emotional baggage. This manifests differently for each of us. Some of us push shopping carts of pain while some of us carry a backpack. How we choose to handle our baggage makes a difference. We have the choice to let it define us or to let it go, move forward as a form of active resistance.  


My Emotional Baggage Carts are vessels to dispose of racial trauma inflicted by Karens & Kens. The act of making, weaves the sting of macro and microaggressions into the cart, freeing me from these constraints.


Each recovered shopping cart is unique, but they all are woven with upcycled materials like rope, paracord, grocery bags, rope lights, beads, fabric,  bottle caps and draped with a protective zip tie blanket to trap trauma and prevent its escape.


For me, these Emotional Baggage Carts are a release, for you, they are an opportunity to look within and recognize any emotional baggage you, yourself may be carrying and release it.


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